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01 Wand Living-Room-400-Series-10degrees-Casement-Bow-Windows
  • 01 Wand Living-Room-400-Series-10degrees-Casement-Bow-Windows
    Living Room 400 Series 10° Casement Bow Windows
  • 02 Wand Living-Room-400-Series-30degrees-Casement-Angle-Bay-Windows
    Living Room 400 Series 30° Casement Angle Bay Windows
  • 03 Wand Living-Room-400-Series-Flexiframe-Windows
    Living Room 400 Series Flexiframe® Windows
  • 04 Wand Living-Room-400-Series-Frenchwood-2-Panel-Hinged-Patio-Doors-Inswing
    Living Room 400 Series Frenchwood® 2-Panel Hinged Patio Doors - Inswing
  • 05 Wand Living-Room-400-Series-Picture-Windows-for-Casement-Windows-Satellite
    Living Room 400 Series Picture Windows for Casement Windows Satellite
  • 06 Wand Living-Room-400-Series-Springline-Windows
    Living Room 400 Series Springline™ Windows
  • 07 Wand Bedroom-400-Series-Awning-Windows
    Bedroom 400 Series Awning Windows
  • 08 Wand Bedroom-400-Series-Casement-Windows
    Bedroom 400 Series Casement Windows
  • 09 Wand Bedroom-400-Series-Flexiframe-Windows
    Bedroom 400 Series Flexiframe® Windows
  • 10 Wand Bedroom-400-Series-Tilt-Wash-Double-Hung-Windows
    Bedroom 400 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Windows
  • 11 Wand Bedroom-A-Series-Casement-Windows
    Bedroom A-Series Casement Windows
  • 12 Wand Bathroom-400-Series-30degrees-Casement-Angle-Bay-Windows
    Bathroom 400 Series 30° Casement Angle Bay Windows
  • 13 Wand Bathroom-400-Series-Awning-Windows
    Bathroom 400 Series Awning Windows
  • 14 Wand Bathroom-400-Series-Casement-Windows1
    Bathroom 400 Series Casement Windows
  • 15 Wand Bathroom-400-Series-Casement-Windows2
    Bathroom 400 Series Casement Windows
  • 16 Wand Bathroom-400-Series-Casement-Windows3
    Bathroom 400 Series Casement Windows
  • 17 Wand Bathroom-400-Series-Woodwright-Double-Hung-Windows
    Bathroom 400 Series Woodwright® Double-Hung Windows
  • 18 Wand Kitchen-200-Series-Tilt-Wash-Double-Hung-Windows
    Kitchen 200 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Windows
  • 19 Wand Kitchen-400-Series-Casement-Windows
    Kitchen 400 Series Casement Windows
  • 20 Wand Kitchen-400-Series-Casement-Windows2
    Kitchen 400 Series Casement Windows
  • 21 Wand Kitchen-400-Series-Frenchwood-Gliding-Patio-Doors
    Kitchen 400 Series Frenchwood® Gliding Patio Doors
  • 22 Wand Kitchen-400-Series-Picture-Windows-for-Casement-Windows
    Kitchen 400 Series Picture Windows for Casement Windows
  • 23 Wand Kitchen-400-Series-Tilt-Wash-Double-Hung-Windows
    Kitchen 400 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Windows
  • 24 Wand Art-Glass-Artisan-Series-Affinity
    Art Glass Artisan Series Affinity
  • 25 Wand Art-Glass-Classic-Series-Diamond-Lights
    Art Glass Classic Series Diamond Lights
  • 26 Wand Art-Glass-Classic-Series-Lotus
    Art Glass Classic Series Lotus
  • 27 Wand Art-Glass-Classic-Series-Regency
    Art Glass Classic Series Regency
  • 28 Wand Art-Glass-Frank-Lloyd-Wright-Colonnade
    Art Glass Frank Lloyd Wright® Colonnade
  • 29 Wand Art-Glass-Frank-Lloyd-Wright-Eucalyptus
    Art Glass Frank Lloyd Wright® Eucalyptus
  • 30 Wand Art-Glass-Frank-Lloyd-Wright-Prairie-Rhythm
    Art Glass Frank Lloyd Wright® Prairie Rhythm
  • 31 Wand Art-Glass-Frank-Lloyd-Wright-Wichita
    Art Glass Frank Lloyd Wright® Wichita

  • 01 Pdand Folding-Patio-Door-Architectural-Outswing1
  • 02 Pdand Folding-Patio-Door-Architectural-Outswing4
  • 03 Pdand Folding-Patio-Door-Architectural-Outswing3
  • 04 Pdand Folding-Patio-Door-Architectural-Outswing2
  • 05 Pdand Kitchen-Gliding-Patio-Doors-400-Series-Frenchwood

01 Wand Living-Room-400-Series-10degrees-Casement-Bow-Windows

Andersen Windows and Patio Doors

The Andersen brand is the most recognized and most used brand in the fenestration market. Builders, remodelers, architects, retailers and homeowners know it as the brand against which all others are measured. Andersen's commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction, combined with commitment to environmental stewardship, employee welfare and corporate citizenship, have built Andersen Corporation into the foremost manufacturer of energy efficient, wood windows and doors. Click the Andersen Logo above to visit the Andersen website.

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Solid Wood Construction
Our wood interiors feature superb styling — with no visible finger joint seams. Natural wood provides structural stability and is one of the most effective insulators available. For added reliability we treat the frame and sash parts with wood preservative. Andersen interiors bring warmth into your home as well as style with rich natural wood that you can stain or paint to enhance the decor of any room. Fine craftsmanship, elegant styling and precise detailing make the view of your windows as impressive as the view from them.

UV Protection
Ordinary dual-pane glass lets 62% of UV light pass through. Our High-Performance™ Low-E glass cuts that down to 17% with virtually no effect on the clarity and color of the light. With Low-E glass, if your thermostat is set at 70°, the temperature of the innermost glass pane won't drop below 57° even if it's 0° outside. In warm climates, Low-E glass works just as hard to keep your home cool. For extreme climates, we also offer High-Performance Sun™ glass for maximum UV protection and temperature control.

Low Maintenance
All Andersen® windows and doors feature the Perma-Shield® system, which protects the window’s exterior beautifully for decades.* It also eliminates the need to paint—and repaint.

The material used to make a frame determines a window’s thickness, weight, and durability, and it also has a major impact on its thermal characteristics. The frame is also used in determining a window’s U-Factor. Since the sash and frame represent from 10 to 30 percent of the total area of the window unit, the frame material will definitely influence the window performance.

We believe windows and patio doors should be made of wood, but exterior facings should be protected from the elements. That’s why we manufacture wood-clad windows and patio doors with vinyl exteriors. They offer beauty, luxury and natural appeal while maintaining high standards of weather resistance with an extra surface that lowers their maintenance requirements. The interior wood allows you to retain an attractive paint or stain finish indoors.
*See Limited Warranty for details.

Transferable Limited Warranty
Andersen window & doors are covered by our exclusive Owner-to-Owner® limited warranty. Most other window warranties end when a home is sold, but our coverage- 20 years on glass, ten on non-glass parts- is completely transferable from each owner to the next. And, because it is not prorated, the coverage offers full benefits, year after year, owner after owner, so it can add real value when you decide to sell your home. Plus, we have one of the largest service networks in the industry, so help is always there if you need it. Visit our Warranties section for more information.


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