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  Some quick tips on using our new website...  

IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME HERE, kindly take a moment to review this short "tutorial." While it's likely you'll find your way as you peruse our new site, here we offer a few tips that may make your browsing experience a little simpler.how to use the website

From most any product page, clicking the manufacturer's logo will take you to the manufacturer's website, (see green arrow at right>>>).

While the drop-down menu system at the top of every page should get you to your destination of choice, (also, clicking the JILCO logo at the top left of every page will get you back to the home page), we also offer a search function from the bottom of the home page as depicted below.


from product pages:

When you land on most product pages, a slideshow will start automatically. You can control the way you view the images, and you can manually sequence through the images if you choose. Here's how:

how to control slideshowTake a look at the image to the left. You'll find these controls above all slideshows on product pages. Again, if you simply wish to let the slideshow run by itself, you need not concern yourself with this. If you do wish to control the way you view the slideshow and images, or launch a popup with "thumbnails" which you can individually select for viewing, here's how:

how to use thumbnails

a) This button launches a "thumbnails" panel (see image at right) that will allow you to select the images you view. On product pages you can "grab" the panel with your mouse (by clicking on the top of the panel and holding your mouse button) and drag it to a convenient place on your display. Click button "a" a second time and the thumbnails panel will disappear.
b) This button returns the slideshow to the FIRST image.
c) This button pauses the slideshow (if running), and displays the photo PREVIOUS to the one you're currently viewing.
d) This button pauses or starts the slideshow.
e) This button pauses the slideshow (if running), and displays the photo next in sequence.
f) This button forwards the slideshow to the LAST image.
g) This button changes the delay time BETWEEN photos as they run through the slideshow, (allows you to view individual photos for either a longer or shorter duration).
h) This displays the image number you're currently viewing, and the number of images in the slideshow, (useful when contacting JILCO about a particular product/image).

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you from all of us at JILCO!

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