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01 Bessler Attic Space Saver Folding Wooden Stairs

Bessler Stairway Company

Since 1909, Bessler has been the original disappearing stairway. The disappearing sliding stairway is designed to replace the conventional folding attic ladder and is specially engineered to fit existing folding-stair openings. Constructed with solid, one-piece stringers, stairs slide into the attic (instead of folding) for the ultimate in strength and support. Click the Bessler Logo above to visit the Bessler Stairway Company website.

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Ladder rods under each tread for added strength and rigidity. Bessler stairs are made with kiln dried yellow pine, full length handrails and grade A 1 3/8" hollow core doors on most models. Sliding stairs are fully counterbalanced for weight control to respond to the lightest touch. Load capacities up to 800 lbs (depending on model). With angles as small as 53 degrees, you don't climb a Bessler, you walk up it. For residential or commercial use (Space Saver is for residential use only). Bessler Stairway Company is a division of American Stairways Inc.

Bessler stairs are available in eight models, including a folding space saver model.


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